Say Thank You With Digital Gift Cards This Holiday Season

This has been a year that none of us could’ve planned for—and that has required us to stretch our understanding of how we reward customer loyalty and thank employees for their hard work.

Without tradeshows and in-person meetings, it’s more important than ever to remind customers of the importance of your relationship—and the value your company delivers. And with many employees still working outside the office, it’s helpful to be flexible when it comes to rewarding employees for a year of hard work.

That’s where digital gift cards come in! Order through Rewards Genius—our free, self-serve portal—and learn how we make saying thank you easier than ever this holiday season.

Everything You Need

Tango Card makes gift cards easy to send and awesome to receive.


Order e-gift cards directly from the self-serve rewards portal.

No Fees

Access digital gift cards with no subscription fees.


Log-in to delivering digital gift cards to customers’ inboxes in under 5 minutes.


With Reward Link, our choice product, customers choose from 100+ popular brands.

Email Customization

Add your brand and a year-end message to reward email templates.

Our 2020 Gift Guide

Flip through the pages of our free gift guide to see how we make it easy for you to offer great year-end recognition! You’ll find a comprehensive breakdown of available US and international gift cards as well as an in-depth look at how the Reward Link, our popular choice card, can be customized to best fit your program.

We've Made It Easy for You to Send the Right Rewards

With Reward Link from Tango Card, you can easily give your employees and customers high-value gift card rewards to show appreciation for their hard work and loyalty at year-end. E-gift cards provide the choice and experiences that delight recipients and make successful programs. Delivered with branding, personalization, and speed, e-gift cards allow your recipients to choose from over 350+ gift cards from 29 countries.

Grants Administrator
Large Enterprise, Health Care

“I like how easy it is to use and how professionally Rewards Genius is packaged. It is customizable as you can set up multiple internal accounts and different email templates. Rewards Genius delivers what it says it will prior to signing up. The staff is also very engaged during the initial signup and make themselves available to help you through the process.”

HR Director
Medium Enterprise, Health Care

“Ease of use and efficiency. Tango Card helps by reducing time spent on rewards program delivery and increases employee satisfaction due to choices offered.”

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